Making your stay memorable.



NAWA’s local restaurant serves Western and Thai cuisine for breakfast , lunch and dinner. With fresh ingredients and authentic taste we will stimulate your tastebuds . (If you have a special dietary need we can adjust to meet your requirements.)

Bakery and Coffee

Our hotel offers handmade bread and dessert. Exquisitely made fun and delicious delicacies  ,to make you feel at home. Our coffee is one of the most professionally made in Chiang Mai. Aromatic and delicious and accompanied by the restaurant desserts we hope will make your stay relaxed and memorable

Car Rental Service and Transport

We offer a car rental service , including pickup trucks , private car or Chiang Mai Taxi services. Whether it is to the airport , shopping malls or major popular attractions in Chiang Mai , we can accommodate your needs and offer a rapid and convenient service for you.

Special Tours and Arrangements

NAWA hotel offers you the opportunity to develop absolutely unique itinerary that takes you to explore different Chiang Mai and Chiang Mai life. Tree cafe, restaurant, mountain or temple, we offer a variety of routes to bring you the best of Chiang Mai .

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